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Deluxe Camcorder Professional Kit

Deluxe Camcorder Professional Kit

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This kit includes:
16 GB Secure Digital SDHC Memory Card
Perfect for expanding your camera memory to take more photos / to store music, videos, and data files / Very Reliable / Easy to use / Class 2
Professional 62" inch 3-Section Deluxe Digital Photo/Video Tripod with Carrying Case
This high-quality, 3-section tripod, suitable for both cameras and camcorders, features a channel lock and a two-way pan and and tilt head. It extends to a maximum and height of 60 inches and can fold up as small as 23 inches. A free case is included with the tripod. Comes with a one year warranty.
Professional 2637W 37mm Pro Super Wide Angle Lens
This high-quality, professional super-wide angel lens.
Premium 30mm Multi-coated UV Protective Filter
Protects your lens from all dust, dirt, scratches and fingerprints. This basic clear glass filter is a must for every lens. You never take it off the lens. If you scratch or break the filter, you can easily replace it, save the lens!
Premium 3 Piece Lens Cleaning Kit for Cameras and Camcorders
Protect your camera and lens and take smear free photos. This lens and camera cleaning kit contains the essential items necessary for the proper maintenance and care of your camera and attachment accessories.
Premium Digital Camera and Camcorder Screen Protectors for LCD's
Protect your camera/camcorder's LCD from scratches and eliminate glare with screen protectors. Made of an ultra thin-polymer material, these screen protectors are designed to protect a very important part of your device, effectively reducing glare, smudging, and scratches. Replace sheets in mere seconds thanks to the textured screen surface that adheres instantly to your screen and can be easily removed without leaving any sticky residue on your camera's LCD screen.
Premium SP-200 Hard Shell Weatherproof Camcorder Bag
Revolutionary design. Durable hard shell construction. Adjustable shoulder strap. Holds digital camcorder and accessories. Inside measures 6x4x3.5 inches.


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Deluxe Camcorder Professional Kit
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