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Boston Acoustics HPS10HO Horizon Series Subwoofer

Boston Acoustics HPS-10HO Horizon Series Subwoofer

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The Horizon Series HPS-10HO 10-inch subwoofer is sure to please. Hollywood uses bass to jolt you out of your seat. The HPS 10HO uses a 10-inch Deep Channel Design (DCD) woofer driven by 250 watts of power to achieve the same effect. It also offers a volume control to adjust performance to your personal preferences and the acoustics of your room, and a phase switch to keep output in sync with your speakers. 

Feel the Pounding Beat
The Horizon series includes four powered subwoofers, each of which features a high-output, front-firing, DCD woofer. DCD means powerful bass without bottoming out. The front-firing design increase placement flexibility, including use in cabinets. Boston's patent-pending BassTrac® circuitry means distortion-free bass at all levels. Click on the hyperlink to learn more. Ultra-rigid, reinforced cabinets means that the amplifier and driver are moving the air in the room rather than making the box shake...you'll get more and cleaner output.

Consistent Features for Consistent Performance
There's a continuously variable level control plus a two-position phase switch. Even when a subwoofer is electrically in phase with the rest of the speakers in the room, it is possible for it to be acoustically out of phase based on subwoofer placement and primary listening position. Just have someone flip the switch back and forth while you're in your favorite spot...use which position sounds best. There are both line and LFE inputs for connection flexibility.
Woofers traditionally have used a dust cap to seal the motor structure from dirt and debris. It is possible to engineer the dust cap so that it works in a proper acoustic manner, but one inherent disadvantage of dust caps is that they seal in the heat created by the voice coil. A woofer phase plug improves power handling by venting the voice coil, and it can help smooth the response of the driver at its high frequency limit.
There's a racetrack-shaped, dual-flared, rear port to help eliminate chuffing, an adjustable footing just like you will find on most of the speakers, and the same soft-touch finish as well on three of the four models.

Variety is the Spice of Life
The HPS 10SE is Boston Acoustics most affordable powered subwoofer, but it's no wimp: 150 watts RMS with a 10-inch woofer. Want more output from a smaller enclosure? Then the HPS 10HO is the right choice. The HO stands for high output, and its 250 watts of RMS power will deliver an amazing amount of bass for a subwoofer of this size. Then, there's the HPS 12HO, the same size as the 10SE, but with twice as much power, 300 watts, and a 12-inch DCD front-firing woofer. All three subwoofers are available in either Midnight or Mist. The HPS 10HO and 12HO feature the same soft-touch finish that is found on the bookshelf, LCR, and floorstanding speakers.


-10-inch woofer
-250 watts RMS
-High-output front firing, rear ported Deep Channel Design (DCD) drivers
-BassTrac circuitry for tight, distortion-free bass at all output levels
-Available in Midnight with onyx grilles or Mist with silver grilles

Frequency Response (3dB)
Bass Unit
10" (254mm) DCD

Dimensions (HxWxD)
16-5/8 x 16-5/8 x 12-7/8" (420 x 420 x 326mm)

FSubwoofer Crossover
40Hz-180Hz 24dB/octave low-pass

34-5/8 lbs (15.7kg)

Amplifier Power
250 watts RMS

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Boston Acoustics HPS10HO Horizon Series Subwoofer
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